The K Adventure (2nd & 3rd parts): A New Home and Being Thankful

First of all, no worries, you didn’t miss the 1st part of this story. It starts like this.

A new city, a new job and a new life on the Covid era. I underestimated how complicated this adventure would be.

When I accepted the new job in Kingston, I thought we would find an apartment right away. I thought that in smaller cities that couldn’t be a problem… I was wrong!

The adventure started booking AirBnBs and buses to get back to Toronto for the weekends. Tiring! phyisically and emotionally. I missed my family, I wished I could have stayed in a specific place with free access to a kitchen (Air BnBs nowadays don’t allow you to use it), and not having to carry my suitcase back and forth every week.

What I had for breakfast and dinner those weeks.

Living under those circumstances made me ask to myself the real meaning of HOME. Although there’re many songs and poems that talk about that; at the end, for everyone HOME has a different meaning.

In my case, home is the place where I have free access to EVERYTHING, where I’m in charge of doing the dishes, and where Mr. A and our 2 furry friends are and have free access to everything as well.

Home is where Lennon lies down like this.

Last month I was in a hotel, frustrated and stressed because the AirBnB I booked didn’t exist. That night, after calling customer service, I tried to get some rest. Of course I was mad and sleeping wasn’t something my brain wanted to do; so, I started thinking about things I was thankful for. After a while, it worked, it relaxed me and I fell asleep.

Although it’s easier to recall what we’re thankful for when we’re having a good day, it’s equally important to find it on a horrible day. Let’s say that could save us from (at least) a drama and cancelling any opportunity to solve a problem.

Fortunately, two weeks later we found a place to live and finally, that homey atmosphere got back.

In any future problem I’ll try to keep in mind that excercise. Being thankful for being healthy, for my family, for the fully access to a kitchen and food in the fridge!!!, for sleeping in the same bed every night, having a job… there’re many simple but important reasons!

In challenging times such as this one, keep our peace of mind is not that easy. Have you tried this “being thankful” strategy?… or a different one you could recommend us? Please share! 🙂

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