S2·Ep4: Influential or Insignificant

Covid-19 pandemic will be solved if we take action together, as a team; knowing that every person is equally important. Maybe it’s not a coincidence that we’re receiving this “Team building 101” class right now, when there’re many other problems we should attend together if we want to fix them too. Climate change is one of them. This episode is about the learnings we’re getting … Continue reading S2·Ep4: Influential or Insignificant

Querido 2020 ¿qué nos quieres decir?

¿Qué te sucede 2020? ¿Por qué nos estás mandando tantas pruebas, incluso varias al mismo tiempo? #notfunny ¿eh? Fíjate, al principio, varios de nosotros, humanitos, pensamos “Lo que sucede en China se queda en China”, luego tú, super sarcástico, nos dijiste “Sí, claro”. Y ahora ¡PUM! En varios países ya vamos para cuatro meses de aislamiento. Estamos preocupados por nuestra salud, nuestra economía, enojados con … Continue reading Querido 2020 ¿qué nos quieres decir?

Dear 2020, what are you trying to tell us?

What’s going on with you 2020?! Why did you decide to challenge us in so many ways at the same time!? Every month you’re making us deal with a new tough event… #notfunny. Earlier this year, some people thought that what happens in China, stays in China; but then, you, 2020, said sarcastically “yeah sure!”. So here we are, starting the 4th confinement month, worried … Continue reading Dear 2020, what are you trying to tell us?