Dreams vs. Fears

One day you wake up and you can’t find more excuses, you must start working on the idea that has always been in your mind. Since I was a child, my dad has always told me about his adventures; when he was young and travelled around the world. His adventures made me realize how many cultures and landscapes are on the planet; so I started … Continue reading Dreams vs. Fears


It doesn’t matter where do we live, sooner or later we all become zombizens. This is how I call citizens who act like zombies, people who only pay attention to their duties and stop appreciating the place they live in. I’m a newcomer to Toronto, which is like being a baby-citizen; and like any other baby, everything surprises me. I take photos of the sky … Continue reading Zombiezens

Please be kind

“How I Met Your Mother” taught me that Canadians are very kind. (By the way, I already experienced this situation, but without donuts.) In general, they are indeed very gentle and respectful, but there are some exceptions… This story and its moral came up after meeting three particular people. 1: The lady that has a different idea about English. When we finally found an apartment … Continue reading Please be kind