Dear 2020, what are you trying to tell us?

What’s going on with you 2020?! Why did you decide to challenge us in so many ways at the same time!? Every month you’re making us deal with a new tough event… #notfunny.

Earlier this year, some people thought that what happens in China, stays in China; but then, you, 2020, said sarcastically “yeah sure!”. So here we are, starting the 4th confinement month, worried about our health and our economy.

Some people have the opportunity to spend their days working from home, ordering sushi, and wearing fancy masks; but unfortunately, millions of humans around the world are truly suffering the quarantine. You know, domestic violence numbers are increasing and people from visible minorities (whose health is usually in bad shape) are putting themselves at risk to keep the cities functioning.


Then, while we were still trying to flatten the stupid curve, George Floyd’s case came up, an issue that also includes other communities like women, indigenous people, Latins, disabled and LGBTQ pals, and the list could go on and on. All of them tolerate harsh comments, unequal conditions, lack of opportunities and deep-rooted injustices.

The thing is that when the anti-racist protests started weeks ago, you, 2020, and your friend 2019, had already revealed many problems we were not attending as we should. Want some examples? Ok, femicides in Latin America, protests around the world (Hong Kong, France, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, etc.), the horrible conditions in which indigenous communities live (with no access to clean water and constantly being moved out from their territories), and Fridays For Future movement, with thousands of teenagers asking for real actions to tackle climate change.

People from all over the world are fed up, angry and tired. And yes, there have been important social movements, but we still need to find a way to make the needed changes happen.

I’m sure we all can come up with more than one issue we’d like to change or fix.

The more I think about it, the more I conclude that you, 2020, are here to highlight our failures; attitudes like our laziness, lack of empathy and superiority complex.

That’s why it’s funny how you slapped our huge ego with something microscopic. You sent us to our house, altered our mental health and destroyed the world’s economy; so here we are, still quarantined.

That also reminds me of the pair of astronauts and their spaceship. Weeks ago we were amazed, thinking that humans are finally one step closer to conquering Mars; but, at the same time, we still need to ask mom for permission to do so. Space X team planned to launch these two astronauts on May 27th; but when they were ready and millions of people were watching them on YouTube, Mother Nature said “hmmm… no, not today, I’m not in the mood”, so they had to postpone the takeoff 🤣.

Which brings us to this: We try to manage everything around us, but sooner or later, something reminds us we’re not the owners of anything.

So, dear 2020, I hope we all understand ASAP everything you’re trying to tell us. Maybe you’re pushing us to our limits… Is that your strategy to make us take REAL actions to fix what we broke?

Many people complain constantly about you, but others consider you a tough course. A lesson that’s not difficult because of the things we need to DO, but for the mindsets we must change or the paradigms we need to break.

I must admit that right now, for me, the idea of humans, animals, plants, etc. sharing this planet peacefully is a utopian dream. But 2020, is that what you’re preparing us for? Are you testing us to see if we’re capable to reach that point?


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