English tests aren’t the real tests!

Almost three years living in Canada, which means almost three years of dealing with my insecurities and learning from this culture as fast as I can. Thank God I finally feel more fluent, confident and comfortable (yay!); but this is not done yet, more immigration processes still need to be done. A couple of weeks ago I did my English test to apply for the … Continue reading English tests aren’t the real tests!

Dear 2020, what are you trying to tell us?

What’s going on with you 2020?! Why did you decide to challenge us in so many ways at the same time!? Every month you’re making us deal with a new tough event… #notfunny. Earlier this year, some people thought that what happens in China, stays in China; but then, you, 2020, said sarcastically “yeah sure!”. So here we are, starting the 4th confinement month, worried … Continue reading Dear 2020, what are you trying to tell us?

egoismo soberbia pandemia coronavirus

S2·Ep2: Selfishness and Arrogance

This Into·It episode was recorded while we were facing the Covid19 pandemic. This situation affected my mind to a certain extent, I guess you were affected somehow too, right? Every day I keep asking what lessons are we learning in this challenging time, if we’re really learning something, or if everything will be as it used to be when it ends. What is this crisis showing … Continue reading S2·Ep2: Selfishness and Arrogance