It became normal

One day he yelled at his mom, and nothing happened.

One day he bullied his classmate, the girl cried, but nothing else happened.

One day he didn’t do an assignment, and nothing happened.

One day he decided not to call his parents to let them know he was going to get home late, and nothing happened.

One day he decided not to tell them how he felt, and nothing happened.

One day he didn’t give that good-bye kiss or hug, and nothing happened.

One day he preferred not to fix that problem and apparently nothing happened.

One morning his anger was still there.

One day he couldn’t shake frustration and sadness off.

One day he accepted stress.

So one day, he didn’t pay enough attention to his kid, even when the boy yelled at him.

One day the teacher told him the boy bullied his classmates, but he thought it wasn’t that bad, so he didn’t tell him anything.

One day he didn’t have time to check his homework.

One night he was too tired to wait for his son until he got home safe.

One day he was too busy to ask his son how he felt.

One day he was late for work, so he didn’t give him the good-bye kiss.

One day he thought the problem wasn’t a big deal.

One day he thought his anger had disappeared.

One day he thought his son was happy.

One day it became normal.

It’s all about…

Right now, my Mexico is sick. Too many women are being murdered after being raped or tortured. My Mexico is tired and is raising its voice. People are starting to ask themselves what they can do to stop it besides forcing the government to take real action.

And although this specific problem, thank God is only happening in some countries, many issues around the world have become “normal” too.

One day it became normal moving indigenous communities out from their territories to “benefit the economy.”

One day bullying became a normal behaviour.

One day looking at people suffering and do nothing became normal.

One day damaging our planet to make us lazier, became normal.

One day making decisions before thinking twice if they were fair or healthy, became normal.

But one day, someone couldn’t tolerate more frustration and anger and woke up.

Some little guys are so aware of it…♡

So he started opening other people’s eyes… There’s no surprise that one day, protests and strikes around the world became normal too.

How can we be part of this eye-openers?

Please be aware of what’s happening around us. Keep in mind that one single day is the first step to turn something into normal (in either way, positive or negative).

We, like my Mexico, could be sick, but we’re not dead yet.