Parenthood in 2020

How brave we need to be to raise a child in 2020!

I must confess that for me, it’s not all about excitement. And no my friends, I’m not pregnant.

I know that someday, sooner than later, I will, but I look around and I feel a hole in my stomach that has nothing to do with the other hole caused by the changes motherhood will bring my life… I always think “poor baby!”.

If my mini-me was one of the 99% of people, he/she would witness violence, injustice, a planet that can barely keep life alive, countries and politicians threatening each other with nuclear weapons, etc.


And what about his/her adulthood? Getting a job that fully cover our needs is becoming harder. Then there are nature problems like fires, snowstorms, floods, etc… So many depressing issues, WTF!

(BTW, this happens when you work in media and you need to read news everyday :/ That’s why it’s said that “ignorance = happiness.” Unfortunately, sooner or later, “ignorance” is also affected by reality… for instance, it doesn’t matter you know nothing about economy, either way, it affects you.)

So what should I/we do?

The only things that have worked for me when I feel disappointed, mad or afraid are:

  1. Stop reading news for a while (if my job allows it… but usually it doesn’t).
  2. Looking for solutions and taking action (even if others call me crazy or exaggerated).

Anyways, although I don’t like today’s world, I won’t quit motherhood. Sometimes I think it would be great taking my children far away from everything like Mr. Fantastic did (did you watch that movie?… if not, here’s the trailer.)

“Captain Fantastic” photo:

But, 5 minutes later, I realize that’s a bad idea… poor kids, they don’t deserve that either!

So… what can I/we do?

Pretend that nothing happens? Because I’m sure it’s worse to do nothing until we’re almost sunk.

That’s why when I’m asked about protests, marches or strikes against women’s violence, of course, I’m with them! (did you read “It Became Normal”? it talks a bit about that).

And when I’m asked why I’m trying to be eco-friendly, well, it’s because I might not be a fossil fuel company CEO, but if I can do anything to help, I’ll do it; and if in that process I can invite other people to make a change, that’s great! We could become 2, 5, 10 or more people… and that’s how changes start everywhere.


It’s about start doing whatever I can to avoid that in a few years, my kids receive fire, storms, floods, violence, or any kind of alert, or even worse, they become directly affected by them.

And let’s also keep in mind that children learn more from our behaviour than from our words, right? So, it might be a good idea to start behaving as if we were 100% respectful, hard workers, responsible, etc.

So yeah, for some people, it could be a “trend” being eco-friendly; for others, supporting women’s rights could be “cool.” It could be “too much” being worried about our future; and, it could be “cheesy” the whole idea of saving the world… But to be honest, I don’t want my little monsters to grow up with the idea that life is about being f*cked or f*ck others.

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