S2·Ep4: Influential or Insignificant

Covid-19 pandemic will be solved if we take action together, as a team; knowing that every person is equally important. Maybe it’s not a coincidence that we’re receiving this “Team building 101” class right now, when there’re many other problems we should attend together if we want to fix them too. Climate change is one of them. This episode is about the learnings we’re getting … Continue reading S2·Ep4: Influential or Insignificant

3 zero-effort actions that help our planet

There’re two kinds of people nowadays: A) People who are worried about Mother Nature and want to do something. Unfortunately, with so much information out there they could quickly feel overwhelmed and therefore, they could end up doing nothing. B) People who still think that this “issue” isn’t their fault, and they are not willing to do anything. The thing is that this “issue” is … Continue reading 3 zero-effort actions that help our planet

Into•it podcast S1 is over, what’s next?

[Versión en español continúa más abajo, en negro] As you may know, Into•it is the audible version of this blog. S1 included episodes about climate change/sustainability, psychology, and a bit of politics. Most of them are in Spanish; however, although my Mexican (and perfectionist) brain doesn’t feel comfy enough conducting an entire episode in English, in the end, I did it, and that’s how the … Continue reading Into•it podcast S1 is over, what’s next?