Disposable Culture

Wanting or needing something?… Easy: grab it, use it and throw it away.


That’s what we’ve been told to do. We follow that process with our Starbucks coffee, our shampoo bottle or even worse, with people.

Fortunately, everybody is now talking about the damage disposables cause to the environment. We already know that plastics are coming back to our food… It sounds like a very evil joke from Mother Nature.

But besides that huge environmental problem, there’s something equally “horrible,” that in one way or another is linked to the same habit of getting rid of what is not “useful” anymore.


“I don’t love you anymore, please go to the garbage.”


“The company wants to earn more money, so we need to send you to the landfill.”


“You’re kind of boring for me, but I don’t know where to put you… maybe in the organics bin?”

We all have experienced at least one of these situations. Someone dumped us, or we dumped someone.


As the plastic industry developed and the usage of disposables increased throughout the last century, we started thinking that there was no need to stay with those who we didn’t like anymore.

That allowed many frustrated people to liberate themselves from horrible relationships, which is great!

Unfortunately, we took it too far, to the point that as soon as anybody did something we didn’t like, or they didn’t meet our expectations, we ran away.

That’s how we got to 2019, feeling good throwing everything and everybody away right after they’ve satisfied our needs, or when they stop doing it or as soon as we notice they would never do… People were transformed into products.

Then, there’s no surprise the environment is about to crash, and that many people have mental health problems, most of them feel “empty” or misunderstood, but at the same time, they continue working on being alone.


While many people are waiting for others to solve the environmental problem, some have a different mindset. They genuinely believe that a healthier lifestyle is possible. They are taking action and it seems, THANK GOD, they are inspiring others.

But what about us? You and me, common people.

Let’s see… I’ll share my story, then it will be your turn.

In 2019 I became aware of this disposable culture, and although I’m still far away from where I want to be, every day I try to do something, anything.

Getting eco-friendly products has been harder than it should be because most of the alternatives out there are anything but sustainable. But if we talk about humans… hmmm… that’s much more complicated due to the multiple factors intervening in every relationship. Sometimes, for our own happiness, it is better to run away from certain people.

When I was younger, it was easier for me to throw away those whom I had problems with. Now I know that problems can be solved. BUT, (unfortunately or fortunately) when I’m sick of someone, there’s no turning back.

When I opened my eyes to this “Disposable Culture,” I also realized that my choices impact others. We never know who’s looking at what we do and learning or replicating our behaviour.


So, what about you? Do you follow the “Grab it – use it – throw it” process?… I know, it was easy to learn it, but is it impossible to unlearn it? Hopefully not.


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