Losing or adding customs?

Christmas is always complicated for us, immigrants. It doesn’t matter our religion, beliefs or customs; winter break is always a great excuse for gathering with our friends and family, eating delicious food and giving and receiving gifts. Therefore, Christmas is a great example and a huge test for any immigrant. Every culture and family has its own customs; but, unfortunately, when people leave their hometown … Continue reading Losing or adding customs?

Disposable Culture

Wanting or needing something?… Easy: grab it, use it and throw it away. That’s what we’ve been told to do. We follow that process with our Starbucks coffee, our shampoo bottle or even worse, with people. Fortunately, everybody is now talking about the damage disposables cause to the environment. We already know that plastics are coming back to our food… It sounds like a very … Continue reading Disposable Culture

The Endless Game of Stereotyping

Toronto is well known for being one of the most multicultural cities in the world. According to the BBC, 51% of the population is from approximately 200 countries. Once you get here, it’s easy to think that what you see on people is an accurate image of their culture; but, most of the time, it’s not. As Mexican, I’ve heard what they say about us … Continue reading The Endless Game of Stereotyping