Covid and Sex… sometimes too similar

The more this pandemic is lasting, the more I think we must be educated on it like teenagers are on sex.

After all these months of living under these circumstances, it’s so natural to be tired and fed up of not being free to live the way we used to. Ni modo. Therefore, Christmas becomes a huge temptation, just like a party with lots of alcohol for horny teenagers.

“If I had sex once, I can’t be pregnant.”
“I didn’t use condom, but I don’t think he/she has an STD.”

Replace sex with reunions, pregnant with infected, condom with mask and STD with Covid. And voilá! unexpected babies and infections everywhere.

But don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying youth shouldn’t have sex (that’s something we can’t stop and it should be everyone’s decision). However, sex and covid, require us to take them seriously, we must know the rules of “the game” and the consequences it brings if we take it lightly. 

“I’m gonna visit my mom only for Christmas, I guess I’m not infected.”
“Masks don’t let me breath properly, so I’m not gonna use them anymore.”


I feel government and doctors talk to us like parents talk to their children; in some countries people are grounded! However, even though most of the times we call ourselves “adults” or “mature”, some social temptations, like Thanksgiving or Christmas, become more powerful now that we’ve been isolated for many months. Just like someone who hasn’t had sex for a long time.

I’m constatly listening to my friends saying things like:
A went to B’s place and had dinner with C and D as well… Look at this photo, they are not even wearing masks! A thought B, C and D weren’t seeing anyone else, but B saw Z last week and got the virus. Poor A, she thought B would never ever cheat on her!

And voilá!, unexpected people get infected because they were “socially horny”. They thought nothing bad could happen and/or felt invincible.

Even though there’re multiple elements altering the pandemic game, the stupid virus infect people; therefore, if we want to win the match, please keep in mind that what you do affects the score.

At the end, we need make our decisions with our brains not with our “hormones”. Sometimes I think that if we calculate the “age” or the “maturity level” of a society based on people’s behaviour, I guess only a few would be considered as “adults”; unfortunately I guess most of them would reach the “teenager” category.

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