A charger for my husband

If you usually read this blog, you must know I talk about issues (mostly related to our behaviours) from a positive perspective. I love to share the learnings, outcomes, my reflections on how can we improve and be happier, eco-friendlier, etc.

However, considering that one of the premises is to keep it real, today I’ll tell you something I’m ashamed of; it’s something I’m not being able to fix yet.


I’m one of those persons who are spending more time than usual at home with their partner due to the pandemic. It’s been somehow easy to stay in this small apartment even though we work for the same radio station and therefore, many meetings and tasks are shared as well. But there’s something I’m not being able to handle: sharing my phone charger.

I know, I know, you must be thinking: “But don’t you have two chargers?!”… Well, yes, we DO have two chargers; but mine charges faster, so it’s the favourite one (I even stuck a letter “S” to it so we don’t confuse them).

The more time we spend together, the more I get mad at him for using it. WHY?! Why does it disturb me? Here’s my theory:

  • Firstly: Being (partially) an only daughter made me a selfish person. :/
  • Secondly: He used to leave the chargers plugged in, but he’s been working on that, it doesn’t happen that often anymore. (yay!)

Why am I attached to that stupid charger? Why do I want to “protect” it from his “evil” hands?


Anyway, tomorrow is our anniversary, and although I would like to get him a new charger, I’ll be working on that behaviour; so he can use the charger freely (you can’t imagine how hard is for me to write this down). :/ 

Dear husband a.k.a Mr. A or Chunku: Thank you for sharing this eternal quarantine with me and for tolerating my bad behaviour. This may sound weird but I don’t mind the bad times or arguing with you because although it’s obviously tough, we always find a solution. 🙂 We’re awesome!

It’s easy to highlight the cute parts of a relationship, but this time I wanted to highlight something simple and not-cute at all because, in the end, a marriage is mostly built on our daily attitudes and behaviours. I promise I’ll keep working on borrowing you my charger with no hard feelings. I love you Chunku ❤

I truly believe that if we don’t mind dealing with the downsides of our partner, chances are we chose the right person.

WhatsApp Image 2020-07-15 at 10.05.32 AM
Random photo from a random quarantine day

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