Hey girl, is that you?

Maybe I’m naive, exaggerated or just a senile woman, but have you noticed that there’re mini-Kardashians EVERYWHERE? First, I started seeing women with super fake eyelashes. Then, I noticed that it wasn’t their only “fake” attribute. It could either start with the eyelashes, the nails, the eyebrows, or in more severe cases, botox and surgeries. They have become a walking Photoshop image. Fun fact: they … Continue reading Hey girl, is that you?

3 zero-effort actions that help our planet

There’re two kinds of people nowadays: A) People who are worried about Mother Nature and want to do something. Unfortunately, with so much information out there they could quickly feel overwhelmed and therefore, they could end up doing nothing. B) People who still think that this “issue” isn’t their fault, and they are not willing to do anything. The thing is that this “issue” is … Continue reading 3 zero-effort actions that help our planet

¿Perdiendo o sumando costumbres?

Hay ciertas celebraciones que siempre han sido y serán fechas emocionalmente complicadas para los inmigrantes. Navidad sea tal vez el mejor ejemplo de ello. No importa la religión, creencias o costumbres; las “vacaciones” de Diciembre son la mejor excusa para reunirnos con la familia y amigos, comer rico, etc. Por lo tanto, esa temporada resulta una gran prueba para quienes estamos lejos de nuestro lugar … Continue reading ¿Perdiendo o sumando costumbres?