Pandemic Side Effects on this Radio Lady

Maybe you remember that post about the “Quarantine Stages”. Well, 👉👈 at this point, I guess we are beyond those stages. This is now our daily life, one that was learned under stressful conditions but it doesn’t surprise us anymore.

I don’t know if you feel like this too but I don’t miss malls, movie theatres or restaurants, maybe because I’m thrilled with all the money we’re saving! I replaced those activities with cooking, biking or Netflix and is working really well.

However, entertainment and interaction habits aren’t the only affected aspects of our lives; here’s another one: The way we emotionally digest everything.

In my case, the most accurate term to describe it could be Susceptible. NOT funny.

I get mad, cry or get worried easier; thankfully, happy moments are more intense too… I know, it may seem I’m hormonal, but I’m not. And although a therapist could find it normal considering I’m still somehow qurantined; after five months of #stayingathome and more than three working at home, there’s something funny about my mind: Every day it spends a good chunk of energy looking for new answers to these questions:

  1. What should I be learning? – What adjustments do I need to do in my life?
  2. What do humans still need to learn from this pandemic? (I’m convinced everything happens for a reason; so, in this case, if this pandemic is not over yet is because humans still need to learn and/or do something).

And besides those two main questions, these totally different three (I’m being honest here!):

  1. What if I was infected and I never knew it.
  2. Why do I hate that much working out? I’m getting fat and I’m worrried about my health, but I just hate sweating and being physically tired. 😭
  3. Am I an antisocial person if I don’t miss that much my pre-pandemic life?

Everyday my answers are different. Depending on my mood and how busy I am, I come up with different ideas. Sometimes I also ask to myself why do I continue asking the first two questions, why am I an overthinker?!?! … and I’ve noticed it’s radio’s fault!… or if it’s not its fault, at least it makes it worse.

Being on air everyday, makes me read newspapers constantly; and therefore, I try to find new ways to cheer my audience up specially when news aren’t that positive. Many of my listeners are seniors, vulnerable to Covid19, and from Latin America; then, their families are in worse conditons. They are worried, and have been like that FOR FIVE MONTHS!

 More than telling them that everything is gonna be ok (which I find it boring, repetitive and “empty”), I try to focus on what they can do, what they can learn from this situation or how does it could help them in the future.

I’m not sure if that’s the best message they could get right now; but at least, those ideas keep them focused on the outcomes instead of the tragedies.

Interesting. I never thought I’d play both roles at the same time, a cheerleader on-mic and a drama queen off-mic. But at the end, I guess we all are playing two or more roles depending on the scenario and the people we are with. All of them require or arouse different attitudes on us; and that’s not new, it’s just more tangible now.

Maybe in the next post I’ll share some comments my listeners have told me; their fears, concerns, plans, actions, etc. It really has changed my point of view on the pandemic. Let me know if you’d like to read about that!

This is how “working from home ” looks like for me. An improvised studio.

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