mexican rock music

Mexican music is more than mariachi bands!! (rock bands)

I was chatting with my neighbour, a great Canadian guy, a huge Beatles fan, love him… however, in that conversation I confirmed (once again) that people barely know Mexican music, we’re always thought of as a Mariachi band culture, but WE ARE MUCH MORE THAN THAT!!!

That’s why I shared a video on my Instagram asking other Mexican fellows for recommendations for my neighbour and I got really good ideas!

I’ll try to include them all; however, it’s impossible to put them all in the same entry; so, I’ll start with the ROCK bands (my favourites!).

Their name is linked to a YouTube video, either to a song I really like or to one of their “greatest hits”.

Prepare your headphones!:

DLD: powerful riffs, deep voice, handsome singer.
Molotov: an irreverent band, they swear a lot but you won’t notice 🙂
Plastina Mosh: two guys enjoying their life as rockstars.
Ely Guerra: such a melancholic woman.
La Lupita: a bit funky, huge in the 90’s but they still rock.
El Gran Silencio: hard to pick just one song… another must is “Tonta Canción de Amor No.2
Kinky: rock + electronic. “Más” is another great song.

Then the three biggest Mexican rock bands:


A mix of rock and electronic sound; however, their unplugged is AWESOME, that’s why I’m including one of those versions.

Cafe Tacvba

These guys are legends. They’ve supported and collaborated with many (younger) bands, and after +/- 30 years together, their concerts are still amazing.


Legends as well; unfortunately, they’re not together anymore.

Hope you’ve enjoyed these bands… thank you for listening 🙂

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