Losing or adding customs?

Christmas is always complicated for us, immigrants. It doesn’t matter our religion, beliefs or customs; winter break is always a great excuse for gathering with our friends and family, eating delicious food and giving and receiving gifts. Therefore, Christmas is a great example and a huge test for any immigrant. Every culture and family has its own customs; but, unfortunately, when people leave their hometown … Continue reading Losing or adding customs?


[English follows, in blue] Mexicanos viviendo en Canadá somos muchos. He buscado cantidades oficiales pero eso de los censos es una broma, lo más actual que encontré fueron cifras del 2017, eso sí, provistas por el organismo gubernamental que hace las cuentas, Statistics Canada. En ese momento había cerca de 500,000 habitantes de origen latino en el país, de ellos más de 80,000 eran mexicanos. … Continue reading @WEtheMEXyCANS

Please be kind

“How I Met Your Mother” taught me that Canadians are very kind. (By the way, I already experienced this situation, but without donuts.) In general, they are indeed very gentle and respectful, but there are some exceptions… This story and its moral came up after meeting three particular people. 1: The lady that has a different idea about English. When we finally found an apartment … Continue reading Please be kind