Dreams vs. Fears

One day you wake up and you can’t find more excuses, you must start working on the idea that has always been in your mind.


Since I was a child, my dad has always told me about his adventures; when he was young and travelled around the world. His adventures made me realize how many cultures and landscapes are on the planet; so I started believing that if I really wanted to squeeze my only life ticket, I couldn’t spend my entire life living in the same place, looking at the same faces and speaking the same language.

Unfortunately, as I grew up I started doing what almost everybody around me did: I jumped on the boat named “I’ll think about it later”, a boat that sailed in the “I’m busy right now” sea.

I finished my University studies, started working, moved out from my parents’ house; then I got married, and continued working. One day, suddenly, PUM!… I realized that if I continued moving under this direction, someday I would have children, a house, and I would arrive at “Mid-Life Frustration“ port.

At that moment, everything changed in my mind. I began developing my plan, my “C Plan” (I’ll tell you about it in another post; you can’t imagine how many things it has made me learn!).

action blur car child
Photo by Nubia Navarro (nubikini) on Pexels.com

I’ve heard a lot of similar stories, not only from people who want to travel, but also from people who want to start their own business, practice a certain hobby, study a different career, etc.

The thing is: Why do we postpone our plans? Why do we play it safe? Why do we let ourselves be driven by our routine, by what other people do or by what is considered “a normal life”? Why aren’t we brave enough to do what we really want? What fear is stronger than the fear of getting frustrated? Fear to fail?

But we are already failing living like this!

When we least expect it, that “PUM! moment” reaches us, a moment in which laziness and fears turn back, and now the strongest fear is to continue living that grey life.

quote gandhi

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