Covid and Sex… sometimes too similar

The more this pandemic is lasting, the more I think we must be educated on it like teenagers are on sex. After all these months of living under these circumstances, it’s so natural to be tired and fed up of not being free to live the way we used to. Ni modo. Therefore, Christmas becomes a huge temptation, just like a party with lots of … Continue reading Covid and Sex… sometimes too similar

The K Adventure (2nd & 3rd parts): A New Home and Being Thankful

First of all, no worries, you didn’t miss the 1st part of this story. It starts like this. A new city, a new job and a new life on the Covid era. I underestimated how complicated this adventure would be. When I accepted the new job in Kingston, I thought we would find an apartment right away. I thought that in smaller cities that couldn’t … Continue reading The K Adventure (2nd & 3rd parts): A New Home and Being Thankful

Pandemic Side Effects on this Radio Lady

Maybe you remember that post about the “Quarantine Stages”. Well, 👉👈 at this point, I guess we are beyond those stages. This is now our daily life, one that was learned under stressful conditions but it doesn’t surprise us anymore. I don’t know if you feel like this too but I don’t miss malls, movie theatres or restaurants, maybe because I’m thrilled with all the … Continue reading Pandemic Side Effects on this Radio Lady

A charger for my husband

If you usually read this blog, you must know I talk about issues (mostly related to our behaviours) from a positive perspective. I love to share the learnings, outcomes, my reflections on how can we improve and be happier, eco-friendlier, etc. However, considering that one of the premises is to keep it real, today I’ll tell you something I’m ashamed of; it’s something I’m not … Continue reading A charger for my husband

S2·Ep4: Influential or Insignificant

Covid-19 pandemic will be solved if we take action together, as a team; knowing that every person is equally important. Maybe it’s not a coincidence that we’re receiving this “Team building 101” class right now, when there’re many other problems we should attend together if we want to fix them too. Climate change is one of them. This episode is about the learnings we’re getting … Continue reading S2·Ep4: Influential or Insignificant

Dear 2020, what are you trying to tell us?

What’s going on with you 2020?! Why did you decide to challenge us in so many ways at the same time!? Every month you’re making us deal with a new tough event… #notfunny. Earlier this year, some people thought that what happens in China, stays in China; but then, you, 2020, said sarcastically “yeah sure!”. So here we are, starting the 4th confinement month, worried … Continue reading Dear 2020, what are you trying to tell us?

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Quarantine stages

We’ve been living under these conditions for almost two months. It’s funny how much it seems a social experiment: “How would humans react if we isolate them in their houses for a long time?….” We could even create a movie from this experience, don’t you think? Being quarantined is causing us mixed feelings, and it’s constantly changing; we don’t feel the same way in week … Continue reading Quarantine stages