S2·Ep4: Influential or Insignificant

Covid-19 pandemic will be solved if we take action together, as a team; knowing that every person is equally important.

Maybe it’s not a coincidence that we’re receiving this “Team building 101” class right now, when there’re many other problems we should attend together if we want to fix them too. Climate change is one of them.

This episode is about the learnings we’re getting from Covid-19 pandemic, and how we can use them to tackle global warming. It’s surprising how easy is to take the first step.

You’ll find some awesome insights from Katie Harper, Project Neutral Toronto Director; and Miriam Diamond, Chemical Engineering Professor at the University of Toronto; btw, here’s the link to Ms. Diamond full interview (no worries, you’ll see the post in Spanish but the audio is in English).

Hit play, listen, let me know what you think and share the episode with your people. Thanks, love you and see you soon. 🙂

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